Publication Principles

Insurance Report -

Impartiality and Accuracy:As Insurance Report, we are committed to presenting all our news with the principle of impartiality. We summarise our news accurately, completely and objectively and present them to our readers.

Respect and Sensitivity:We respect the rights, privacy and human dignity of the individuals and communities covered in our news stories. We show extra care and attention when covering sensitive topics.

Transparency:We identify the source of our news and direct our readers to the original content. We adopt a transparent approach to how news is selected and summarised.

Editorial Ethics:We strictly adhere to professional publishing ethics. We avoid providing users with misleading headlines, biased commentary or manipulative content.

Feedback and Correction:We welcome feedback from our readers. When we are informed about a news item that contains erroneous or incomplete information, we make the necessary corrections as soon as possible after verifying this information.

Regional Attention:We make a special effort to ensure that our users can easily access news about their region. We present regional news accurately and completely.

Diversity and Inclusion:When summarising news representing different cultures, ethnic groups and communities, we are committed to using language that is sensitive and respectful to these groups.

Separation of Advertising and Editorial:We make a clear distinction between advertising and editorial content. We clearly identify advertising content to our readers and do not allow it to influence our editorial decisions.